The Masons and Their Brethren Edit

Umbra Fraternitatis Rosicrucian Edit

This Rosicrucian branch stretches back to John Dee and Heinrich Khunrath of Hamburg. They are in charge of protecting the Weeping Runestone. They use a crystal stone made from Iceland Spar. Between 1581 and 1586, John Dee communicated with angles through various scryers with the crystal stone. Their crystallomantic experiments let them find The Mask.

The Holy Royal Arch Flame Bearer of the Knight Templar Edit

The Holy Royal Arch Flame Bearer of the Knight Templar is one, and only one, architect. That architect has an Apprentice who takes over on The Flame Bearer's retirement or death. Only The Flame Bearer and The Apprentice knows the true job of the Flame Bearer, and only The Flame Bearer knows what is protected. When a Flame Bearer's Tomb of Protection is destroyed, the new Flame Bearer has to retrieve it and put it in his next building. Occasionally, the keys to the Weeping Runestone have been lost and The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St John the Evangelist (colloquially known as the Red Cross of Constantine) take over. The papers also tell of the construct that is needed to open the portal.

The Masonic and Military Order of Ishbosheth Edit

Are the protectors against the night.