Mark is on the left with his dog, Boru

Mark Learson Edit

26, private detective, ex-military, ex-cop; 6'1”, extremely broad shoulders, very muscular, auburn hair, freckles, open face, blue eyes.

Interview with Ailbe Learson Edit

Oh, when people first see my darling Mark they just see this big imposing guy, my big imposing guy, and they're intimidated. They're intimidated because my sweat Mark looks like Cú Chulainn himself, but he's the sweetest man in the whole world! If people could just see him at home, see him here with Shae and Boru, they'd see a big push over, a big hound dog. Shea? She's in school right now because Mark is adamant, adamant that she gets an education. He tells me he wants her to be smart so her options are open; smart like Ross, but let me tell you, Ross is no example you want any child following! If that's smart, then the cat eat that and the devil eat the cat! But Mark wants his little Shae to be educated, and so do I.

What? Oh yes, my Mark definitely likes to fight! It's in his blood; he's been following his family's fighting legacy his whole life. His dream is to open a little school and teach it. But he never, ever starts a fight – I mean, well, never ever in anger. When we were younger, before we had beautiful Shae, Mark would actually stop tough looking men on the street, and calmly tell them that he, Mark, would love to fight them if they were ok with that; nothing too violent, he'd say, let's just have a fun, make sure we don't serious hurt each other! Marky was so persuasive that they would just love him! But they would rarely fight. Only a few times, if I remember right, and they were intense, but Marky loved it.

Oh yes, that's true too. Can you believe it? My big daddy is a sucker for animals! All animals. And he's good with them, too. He just gets along with animals and they feel the same way. We've had all kinds of animals in this house, but I had to put my foot down when Shae was coming. I wasn't going to bring Shae up in a zoo, so I had Mark find most of pets a new home; we still have Boru, but other than Mutt and Jeff, our cats, there's nothing. But did you know that because of his animal love, he won't eat animal meat! Not a bit! It's true!

Uh huh, that's true too. My Markie has low blood sugar and eats as much as three men, but not just three times a day, but at least six times a day, and all day! I think the majority of our paychecks go to the Markie diet. He always has something on him, just in case.