Lawrence Landsburg is on the left.

Lawrence Landsburg, 39, Secret Service agent, structural engineer; 5'7,” Skinny but in shape with a weak chin, slightly wall eyed, thin lips, coke-bottle glasses and crooked smoke-stained teeth. (He looks a little like Steve Buscemi.) Larry talks with a regulated rhythm but doesn't talk much unless it's about mathematical subjects, sailing, or the possible scientific workings of the occult.

Mr. Landsburg studied cryptology, applied mathematics, and structural engineering at MIT. He has worked the United Fruit Company, J.P. Morgan, the U.S. Army, Brown College, and the NYC's Interborough Rapid Transit Company.

Asking Lawrence Landsburg about himself: Edit

I don't know what to tell you. I don't have the background that many of you have. I haven't had an overly exciting life, and although I've accomplished a lot, little of it is exciting enough for introductions.

I grew up in Chicago with engineering in my blood. I played baseball, football, et cetera, but was mainly in love with numbers. I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and studied cryptology, applied mathematics, and structural engineering. I became proficient in all three disciplines, and after college worked for various institutions, none of which completely fit my disposition, but which all provided me with an adequate living.

I came to the Service through Mr. Bryan Barr. Fortuitously, I met Mr. Barr at the The San – um, that is, The Battle Creek Sanitarium, in Michigan. We simply call it The San. Mr. Barr and I became friends and he stated he might be able to introduce me to people who worked at The Secret Services and at the newly created Bureau of Investigations, and both the Bureau and The Secret Service had use for a cryptologist. We clicked, so I joined.

In the abiding years, I became interested in the history of paranormal myths and mythology, but it's just a hobby. My real hobby is sailing. In fact, I have my own boat, The Shannon, which is a special pride of my life. I sail frequently; whenever there isn't work.

I don't know what else to tell you. I worked for the United Fruit Company, J.P. Morgan, the U.S. Army, Brown College, and the The Interborough Rapid Transit Company. I was married, but am no longer. I have no children. I'm a decent machinist and electrician and wired my own house for electricity before it was popular. I should say that my bedroom caught fire a month later, but that was due to an errant mouse, not due to my electrical abilities. Um, I like the outdoors. I like to fish; I like to hike. I appreciate a fine wine and enjoy a good dinner.

How is that? Adequate?