The Seven

Dreams of The Seven

In April of 1913, Beatrice Emerson, wife of Sen. Thomas Clay Emerson, disappeared. Her disappearance ignited a firestorm of media. Was she alive? Dead? Kidnapped? Simply left?

She was last seen in the company of six individuals: Elizabeth Brooks, an up and coming theater star; Jehosephat Blim, an up and coming ragtime pianist; Collin Mallery, a society photographer; Clarence Hightower, an art and antiquities dealer; Hoyt Lower, a detective who worked for Mrs. Emerson (for reasons unknown); and an unidentified Englishman.


Go to the The Missing Seven page for all descriptions of each session. You'll find clues, character information, plots, etc.


Secrets of The Disappeared SevenEdit

It's December, 1913. It's been an eventful year. But you work directly or indirectly for Senator Emerson, and it is your job to find out what happened to his wife, Beatrice Mabel Emerson, who disappeared in April of this year, 1913.

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